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customised hotel remote
Customised hotel remotes

Due to the sophisticated nature of many of the new generation of LCD TV’s, the original remote controls supplied with them have a great many function keys and are complicated. This can and often does result in problems for hotels.

Apart from generating calls to Reception for assistance, these problems also result in unwanted calls to the Maintenance department. (To “Re-set” the TV’s after guests have pressed the wrong function keys or interfered with the Set-up)

The solution – “Simplified” remotes

As a direct result of the problems outlined above, at the request of more and more of our hotel customers, a range of customised “Simplified” remotes have been developed.

These remotes have the following Features and Benefits: -

Features Benefits Quotations on request

To check product availability and pricing, telephone, fax or email us with Make and Model No of the TV, by selecting Contact Us.

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