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Dedicated hotel remotes

A range of remotes specially designed for use with dedicated Hotel TV systems that are ideal cost-effective replacements for all brands and systems currently in use in the UK.

Pictured right:
An example of a hotel remote, click thumbnail to enlarge
Example of a hotel remote

Customised Hotel Remotes

Click here to read about our Hotel Remote customisation service.

Universal Hotel Remotes

A range of remotes for hotels that have many different makes and models installed. Being simple to Set-up and havng only basic functions included, they are ideal for use in Multi-Brand, Multi-model environments.

4 Models available:

Placing an order

Placing an order is not a problem. We accept official Purchase Orders and, an account is opened automatically for most Hotel customers.

Quotations on request

To check individual product availability and pricing, telephone, fax or email us with Make and Model No of the TV,
by selecting Contact Us. Alternatively, a list can be generated automatically by selecting the “Add to Quote list” option in the “Search/Shop on-line” product listings.

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